About me
Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 10.57.53 AM * Founder and CEO of Dow InfoTech, LLC – A Supply Chain Management focused enterprise solution provider. Company website: www.dowinfotech.com
* Over 12 years of Supply Chain Management experience with different positions, such as SCM Solution Architect, SCM Practice Lead, Global SCM Project Implementation Lead, Project Manager, Delivery Lead.
* Extensive experience in SAP SCM Consulting using in SAP APO(DP,SNP,GATP,PPDS), IBP, SNC/ICH, PLM, ECC Logistics. SAP Certified SCM Solution 5.0. Services including project evaluation, enterprise re-engineering solutioning, product lifecycle implementation, SAP firefight production support, group/individual face-to-face/online APO training.
* Certified SAP SCM Solution Consultant
* Maintain a popular SCM Tech Blog: http://scmgmt.blogspot.com
* Published 2 Book Chapters, 3 Journal papers; working on new SAPPRESS book: SAP APO- Technical Principles and Programming
* Conducted training sessions for Fortune 500 cooperation clients as well as over 300 individual consultants from 5 different continents.

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“This is a great course, a very practical and insightful approach to the concepts of SCM SNP practices. This Class has really great material & Coverage for any aspiring SCM APO consultant.”


“I got my first APO project wth CTM after taking James’ training. I feel confident facing my client thanks to James’ generous support in my project.”