Training Class Introduction

We would be covering 9 key areas in APO that an aspiring APO professional should get trained. These are: 

  • SCM/APO Overview – 2 hrs
  • Business Intelligence (APO Internel Business Warehouse) – 4 hrs
  • Demand Planning (Core Module) – 12~14 hrs
  • Core Interface – CIF (Main integration tool of ECC to APO in SNP , PPDS and GATP) – 4 hrs
  • Supply Network Planning (Core Module) – 12~15 hrs
  • GATP Overview – 2 hrs
  • PPDS Overview – 2 hrs
  • APO Business Scenarios/Project Implementation Best Practices- 2 hrs
  • Skills/techniques for cracking interview and surviving in projects – 2 hrs

Training schedule is flexible and very affordable for individuals. For individuals, training is conducted online. For cooperations, we offer onsite training option. For price info, please contact us

We provide system accesses.

Some Highlights of the Training

We provide students one month of SAP systems access to the APO  (SCM 7.0) and ECC 6.0 systems to practice assignments.

We use online training classroom to simulate a real training atmosphere and uninterrupted and high quality voice and visuals.

Our training will teach you the APO architecture; the main functionalities and business processes/scenarios; the connections and data integration of APO with other systems; and how clients are implementing and adopting SCM solutions.

More than 60% of the time in our training is used for system demonstration. During the training, we don’t waste our and your precious time on things like hands-on exercise which you can complete on your own time. Our training is more like a mini APO implementation project in the realization phase which takes you through an end-to-end process. It gives you a great hands-on experience of how to build an APO system with real business scenarios.

We share a great amount of documents with step-by-step screenprint instructions; real project implementation documents; job aids; issue/troubleshooting guides. After the training, you’ll be full of weapons and confidence that you can handle your future projects.

It is our assurance that we will not leave you alone after the training. We’ll always be there by your side when you have questions in your projects, taking SAP certification exams, and try to survive emergencies in your project which we believe no other training agencies can even think about doing. We strongly feel this service to you is priceless.